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Chantry is an ArcheryGB registered club with Affiliations to NCAS & YAA. Some of our members have affiliations to BLBS & NFAS. Our membership includes men, women and children, aged 9 and upwards. Many of these engage in a range of tournaments both locally and through out the country.

For those who want to get involved with archery we run a beginner course including all the training you need to make a start, checkout the Beginners Course for all the details.

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Upcoming Dates

Saturday October 14th Chantry Great Western assembly at 10.30 am, see our events page.

Saturday November 18th BLBS Double Worester Indoor assembly 10.00 am see our events page.

Wednesday November 22nd Club Committee meeting - 7.30 pm at Phoenix Sports and Social Club

Sunday November 26th D&DAA Portsmouth Indoor assembly 9.30 am see our events page.

On Target - The Newsletter of Chantry Bowmen of Rotherham

The pdf for this newsletter is available for download here Issue 75 Part 1 Issue 75 Part 2 Issue 75 Part 3

Dan Doxey Memorial Shoot at Keddlestone

Well what a lovely sunny father's Day at Keddleston! After a very hot set up of tents and bows in front of the beautiful hall we were ready. There were quite a few of us there from Chantry: Trevor West, Noel Lawrence, Peter Titterton, Colin Hope, Lee Bartrop, Stewart Atkinson, Millie Bartrop and Kelly Marsh.

At 12-o'clock we began our Windsor, with plenty to drink in between ends and ducking for some shade under the trees.

The day ran very smoothly with some amazing company from our club but also from other clubs, it was such a lovely group of people. Offering each other cold drinks and umbrellas for shade and of course sharing sun cream.

At the end of a very hot day with lots of red faces Colin Hope came 3rd in the men's. Kelly Marsh came 2nd in the women's and Millie Bartrop rounded it off with a 1st as a junior girl. Unfortunately we didn't have our usual Chantry luck when it came to the raffle be we did win one or two.

All in all a lovely day at an amazing venue with a group of fantastic archers.

Kelly Marsh

BLBS Northern

On Saturday 17th of June myself, along with Colin Hope, Stewart Atkinson, Peter Titterton, Lee Bartrop, Kelly Marsh and Noel Lawrence made the short trip over to Dronfield to shoot the BLBS Northen which was a 2 way York round. After an early start to set up the field, as Chantry supply all the stands and bosses for this shoot ,we quickly realised the weatherman had got it right and it was going to be a hot day so protection and plenty of water was a must.

Shortly after assembly it was clear that all wanted to get going with the shoot which commence on the sound of Don Richardson's favoured “train” whistle. There was a noticeable side wind which always makes 2 way shooting a challenge but most soon started to find their target with others blaming their misses on the jet stream (“cough” Geoff “cough”). At lunch time we retired to the function room at the adjacent sports club for a fantastic meal and a cold drink. Luckily the fans were on so we managed to cool down slightly before having to endure the heat once more.

The heat started to take its toll on our stamina and tiredness was starting to show but didn't seem to dampen our high spirits and the usual banter and ribbing carried on through the day and the sight of Noel and Dave Whitham having a mobility scooter drag race between ends was highly amusing.

Eventually we managed to reach the end of the shoot and catch a breath before having to take down the targets and load them on the trailer ready for returning back to our Phoenix field.

While we waited for the results there were more cold drinks consumed and a nice buffet tea for those who wanted it. When the results were announced we were quite happy as Kelly Marsh came 2nd in the ladies and won the trophy for the worst white (sorry Kelly, but you did!!). Lee Bartrop got 3rd place gent with myself coming 1st and finally securing my first long awaited longbow win which I was extremely happy with as I was starting to feel a bit like Jimmy White.

Big thanks to Don Richardson and BLBS for another brilliant shoot and look forward to next year. Just hope it's a little cooler though.

Trevor West

Chantry York / Double National Tournament at Phoenix

Some visiting archers who joined us for the days shooting. Tony Jones and Brian Maude on the shooting line.

Chantry hosted the above tournament at Phoenix. It was attended by a field of just 17 archers who had chosen to shoot either of the two rounds. The weather was quite kind, with just a fitful crosswind.

Choosing to shoot 6 arrow ends in order to speed up the day, we finished the morning session by 12-o'clock. As the pie and pea lunch was not until 1-o'clock, so there was rather a long lunch break.

Steve and Ian inspect the results as they add up the scores.

The well organised day finished with the usual raffle, (in which Noel Lawrence seemed to have bought most of the winning tickets!) and awarding of prizes by the Lord Patron, Joe Denby. Many thanks to him and to new member Paul Johnson for helping with refreshments, setting up and taking down during the day.

Results are available here or through our Events page.

Tony Jones

International Call-Up for Phil Tranter

Phil Tranter, at the Pheonix Sports club on a club night, stands on the safe side on the shooting line proudly holding his recurve bow.

Following qualification rounds at Lilleshall and Stoke Mandeville, Phillip Tranter, an archer with Chantry Bowmen of Rotherham and Sheffield Blind Archers, has been successful in attaining a place on the GB archery team for Beijing in September 2017.

(Sadly the event was cancelled. Not enough countries put up a team.)

EAF Longbow Championship

On the 15th July 7 archers from Chantry attended the above shoot (Rosie, Martin, Kay, Trevor, Kelly, Lee and Stewart).

The shoot was held at Sherwood Archers at Southwell. The weather was cool and damp with occasional showers.

This shoot attracts the best longbow archers in the country and the competition is always very fierce. The men shoot a York round (6 dozen arrows at 100 yards 4 dozen at 80 and 2 dozen at 60) whilst the women shoot a Hereford (6 dozen at 80, 4 dozen at 60 and 2 dozen at 50). As there was no junior round this is the one Rosie had to shoot.

Although all our Archers shot well unfortunately none of them managed a podium finish. However Trevor, Martin and Kelly achieved a Master Bowman score. Rosie achieved a score that gave her a junior UK record for the Hereford round, but more impressively it also gave her a senior Master Bowman score.

Junior National Outdoor Championships.

On Saturday 1st July we travelled to Lilleshall for Rosie to compete in the Junior National Outdoor Championships. This Shoot is a huge affair consisting of over 300 competitors with an age range from 10 years to 18 years with 80 targets in use. The set up at Lilleshall is fantastic, Football pitches, hockey Pitches either grass or artificial surfaces, floodlit or non-floodlit ! Facilities second to none. In my opinion the best set up I have ever seen for a archery shoot.

The competition started under grey skies with a slight breeze across the course, Rosie was shooting a metric IV which is 3 dozen at 40m and 3 dozen at 30m at a 120cm face then 3 dozen at 20 metres and 3 dozen at 10 metres at a 80cm face. To add spice to the occasion Rosie was to shoot on the same target as one her closest rivals so the scene was set !

Rosie Elliot draws an arrow ready to loose it at the target seen in the distance.

Rosie had two poor ends of sighters which had her stressing somewhat! However most archers know that whatever sighters you have the exact opposite occurs in competition and so it proved with Rosie who went on to shoot magnificently all day, achieving over 80 points per dozen to finish with a score of 1062. Not quite a PB but considering the occasion a brilliant achievement and enough to defeat her rivals by over 300 points. So at the end of day Rosie was Metric Champion and received her trophy in an hour long ceremony conducted in what could only be described as monsoon-like conditions! We retired to our tent cold , wet but very happy.

Day two was sunny and warm with a breeze again across the course. Today Rosie was shooting the Imperial round of a Bristol 4 , which is 6 dozen at 40 yards, 4 dozen at 30 yards and 2 dozen at 20 yards all on a 122cm face. This round incorporated the actual Junior Championship so again the scene was set with plenty at stake. Once more Rosie's shooting was top notch and she kept this up all day in what became very hot conditions . She never flagged all day and her final score of 975 not only beat her rivals by over 300 but also gave her a new UK record (she also beat the boys record) and gave her the Championship. She is now British Junior Outdoor Longbow Champion. This adds to the Indoor Championship she acquired last December.

A wonderful achievement made for a wonderful weekend much enjoyed by her proud parents, enhanced also by Martin and Kay who broke their summer holiday in Cambridge to travel over on Sunday to give Rosie their support and encouragement.

Roise stands smiling on the top step of the podium holding her trophy.

Rob Elliott

Four Counties Longbow Shoot

Fantastic day for Chantry at the Four Counties longbow shoot. Colin won veteran gent and helped secure the team win for Yorkshire along with Sheila Hudson, Lewis Mitchell and Freddie Fairfield. Trevor won 3rd gent plus best gold at first end at both 50yds and 60yds. Kelly was 2nd place lady and won Jack and Jill along with Lee. Add to that most of the raffle prizes!!!

Colin, Trevor, Lee and Kelly sit behind a table crowded with trophies.

Belvoir Archers Record Status Windsor Round

On Saturday 22nd July we travelled with Martin and Kay to the above shoot held at a village called Barnstone in the Vale of Belvoir ( pronounced Beever ), The location is ten miles west of Newark on the Notts/Leics border. I personally have not been to this part of the country before and I have to say it is worth a visit as it is very quiet and rural with beautiful countryside. The field is the most remote isolated one we have ever been to, down a long country track to what seemed like the middle of nowhere. However it was well looked after, the grass being cut really short ( so no wet feet ) and well laid out offering a good shooting line for the archers and a lovely view up the vale for spectators. An added bonus was the close proximity to an airfield from which a sky diving club operated, so all day we had the attraction of planes taking off in the near distance and then some minutes later parachutes descending from the sky.

The weather was fine after the heavy early morning rain had cleared but there was a strong gusty wind blowing directly down the shoot into the archers faces making for difficult conditions . The round was a Windsor which is three dozen arrows at each distance of 60 , 50 and 40 yards. There was no junior round so Rosie had to shoot with the seniors. Our archers shot well all day in what had become bright sunshine but with the same gusty wind blowing. However towards the end of the last three dozen arrows dark, ominous clouds appeared on the horizon and everyone got a spurt on to try to finish before the monsoon arrived ! This was hampered by the wind becoming so strong that a boss was blown over resulting in a delay whilst extra fastenings were attached on all twenty targets,. Thankfully though the shoot was finished in time to get packed away before the rain came.

A good set of results for Chantry. Martin was first Gent, Kay third Lady and Rosie first Junior with a new UK record beating the old one by 158 points. The presentation was quite an event because as there were no indoor facilities this resulted in about fifty people crammed under a gazebo trying to shelter from the driving rain whist observing the raffle draw and the prize giving.

We returned home wet, cold, but happy after a really enjoyable shoot at a welcoming , friendly club ( which was made all the better by having a good number of longbow archers there who were all shooting together). I have no doubt that we will return next year.

Rob Elliott

Chantry Bowmen Club Championships 2017

Just 20 members of Chantry Bowmen took part in the annual club championship at Phoenix on 30th July. The field was set by 10 am, but the start was delayed when one of the competitors realised he had left vital equipment at home and had to rush away to get it! With a very iffy weather forecast, the competition got under way. Two rounds were being shot - an Albion (3 dozen arrows each at 80/60/50 yds) and a Windsor (3 dozen each at 60/50/40 yds).

Lauren draws an arrow on the shooting line. Joanne readies an arrow. Martin stands ready to loose an arrow.
Some of the newer club members at the shoot.

Lunch was taken after the first distance, with the weather behaving itself apart from the slightest few drops of rain and a slight breeze. Targets were moved and sights adjusted for another 3 dozen arrows at the next distance. After a comfort break the final 3 dozen arrows were shot at the closest distance. Everyone pitched in to clear the field quickly while organiser and club President Peter Titterton sorted out the score-sheets. Soon the presentations were made by Field Captain Noel Lawrence. We were very lucky with the weather!

Andy readies to loose an arrow from his barebow. From left to right Ian, Pete, Peter and Joe all aim at the longer distances.
A collection of more “experienced” club members.

Tony Jones

Chantry Bowmen of Rotherham Club Championships 2017 - Results

Archers from Chantry taking part in the Club Championship line up, bows in hand, in front of the target bosses.
The Chantry Club members who took part in the Club Championship.

Shooting the Albion Round

Gents Recurve Peter Brook 107 29 687
John Ferrier 107 30 685
Paul Rushton 91 16 511
Joe Denby 83 7 412
Gents Longbow Trevor West 96 12 496
Pete Titterton 74 6 322
Ian Mycroft 69 5 301
Stewart Atkinson 75 4 299

Shooting the Windsor Round

Ladies Recurve Lauren Jennings 69 4 279
Joanne Pickard 58 3 222
Michelle Barrie 35 2 143
Jnr Recurve Callum Oates 108 34 752
Gents Recurve Jamie Barson 107 37 781
Martin Andrews 96 14 506
Paul Johnson 73 9 335
Roy Marsh 72 5 297
Gents Barebow Andy Oates 91 19 621
Chris Stafford 9 - 29 (Retired)
Gents Longbow Tony Jones 102 15 530
Phil Marsh 68 3 288

Steve Copley and Geoff Turner also entered but were unable to attend.

The weather was warm and sunny for the most part and the odd (very short) shower.

Special mentions are due to all the members of Chantry Bowmen who made up the field party and then shot in the bow. Colin Hope who marked the field ready for us and much more..

Noel Lawrence for taking the responsibility of field captain, judge and Lord Patron.

There should have been more of us there. Far too many Club members missed a very good day.

From compiling the results sheet it is encouraging to see that most archers who shot last year have improved their scores. Even the ones who complained about how badly they were shooting!

Peter Titterton