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Events organised by Chantry Bowmen

As part of the club activites a number of competition shoots are organised by some of our dedicated club members.

This section will give details along with entry forms of planned events. The result sheets for earlier events are also here.

The dates for the 2022 indoor season's shoots have been added below now the details have been finalised.

Further details such as times and entry forms will be added as they become available.

Seeking Field Party Volunteers for Club Events

Can you spare a couple of hours at one of our events. Whether its setting up targets at the beginning of the day, helping through out the day, tracing lost arrows or handing out refreshment to putting everything away at the end of the day it all adds to the day.

If you can assist please let the event organiser know you would like to help. See the entry form for each event to get the organisers name.

Latest Result

Results from earlier events are also available on this page so scroll down or click here.

Coming Events for 2023

The full list of the Chantry events coming this year.




All shoots from 2021 were repeated in 2022.

As such the historic results, from 2021 and before, are included in that years entry above.


Sadly 2020 was dominated by the Covid 2019 situation so all events run by Chantry Bowmen in this year were cancelled due to government guidence.

While we lost a chance to shoot in this year of restrictions this was a small price.